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San Francisco County Republican Assembly
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[Get that arrow off me you liberal idiot !]
Are you a frustrated conservative with no place to go?

Liberals have hundreds of support organizations that they can attend: feminist groups, environmental groups, labor
groups, but how about you?

Fear no more, a new branch of the statewide California Republican Assembly, (CRA), the conservative wing of the Republican Party has just formed in San Francisco and we want you!

We need your help. Are we right for you?

We’re right for you if you feel like an outcast in your own land, or if you just like to listen to KSFO radio or perhaps voted for Proposition 209 (anti-affirmative action) or Proposition 187 (anti-illegal immigration) or you’re a Christian conservative, or if you feel like the word “family” is not a four letter word, or if you believe in individual and not group rights, or if you’re for school “choice”, or if you understand why gun rights was the 2nd Amendment of our Bill of Rights, or if you feel Clinton should have stepped down at the first hint of scandal for the good of our nation.

If any of these applies to you- then we’re for you!

San Francisco Conservatives

[I said. . . get that arrow off me !]
Adam Sparks
San Francisco, Ca.
United States
SF Conservatives United
537 Jones Street #12
San Francisco, California 94102

Sen. Quentin Kopp to Speak at the Common Sense Supper Club

The San Francisco Republican Assembly, which hosts the Common Sense Supper Club (C.S.S.C.) will host State Senator Quentin Kopp. He will speak about the dynamics of the upcoming election. The senator is among the most influential and respected of State Senators and a lion of local politics.

The Common Sense Supper Club is opened to all persons of good will wishing to be intellectually stimulated while enjoying fine food and meeting new friends. In other words, our Club is for you!

Early reservations are not only prudent, but they’ll save you money.
Please call Gail Neira for further info. & reservations. (415) 821-4452. The cost is $30 per person. Reservations required. (The cost includes a complete buffet style meal with drinks, desert and is inclusive of tax and tips.)So why not make the reservations today? Please make checks payable to S.F.R.A. and send to:

Gail Neira
3288 21st St. #9
S.F., Ca. 94110

PLACE: Holiday Inn, 1300 Columbus Ave @ North Point
PARKING: Free with validation in the Holiday Inn parking lot
DATE: Thursday, October 29th.
TIME: 6:30 pm.

Please circulate this message by sending it to others !

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