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Press Release

San Francisco County Republican Assembly

August 12, 1998

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The New Hampshire of S.F. Politics - The SFCRA

The earliest endorsements of all the ballot propositions for this November’s election will take place at the San Francisco Republican Assembly’s (SFCRA) election and endorsement meeting.

We will be discussing all of the 10 upcoming, ballot initiatives from: freeway rebuilding, stronger rent control, Universal Health Care, to more polite civil servants (the Customer Service Initiative) and trains on the Bay Bridge.

- - - - - - -{ It is guaranteed to be lively }- - - - - - -

**** NEXT MEETING: Round Table Pizza, 5160 Geary Blvd. @16th Ave. -2nd fl..

**** DATE: Thursday, August 20th. TIME: 7:00pm

****FREE PARKING: Across the street in parking garage on 16th Av.

The S.F. branch of the California Republican Assembly (the conservative wing of the Republican Party) will be holding monthly meetings in San Francisco, discussing and plotting for the future well-being of San Francisco and the Republic.

All conservatives, Republicans, co-conspirators, curiosity seekers and ne’er do wells are invited. For further information (415) 334-3151.